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Virgina Home


I am surrounded by forest. About 11 Acres. A beautiful place to retire. I bought this home and the land below market value because my home is owned by wet lands (EPA). Its one of those ironies we must live with these days. I have seen rain hard and the rain vanishes. Within a few hours the water is gone, no matter where you look. Its amazing how this was wetlands. I have a page or 2 dedicated to this.

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Web Design

I am a retired web designer after 20+ years and many Sites. Had fun making money on so many websites.

Graphic Design

I work existing images to make Eye catching marketing images. Library contains thousands of banners, photos and videos

Content Creation

I stick to WordPress for your ease of use. Works well. This site is less than one month old and getting good traffic.

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Business Today

There are many inflexions in the internet. The volatile methods of using the various ways of marketing require years of experience and know how. I have worked in my early days with Ebay, Paypal, and many other big names as well as many who just a figment of the internet.
As a retired “IT” web designer I am a bit particular in my ways. I enjoy WordPress these days because it is a well establish platform with many tools.


Is WordPress a choice you can work with?
Are your needs fullfillable with WordPress?
An open discussion can narrow your concerns, and lead to a solution that will work for You!

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