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Hi my blog name is danwillie and my real name is D. W. Frantz. I have been blogging for ten years and these last 4 years have been very disappointing because of what Google , Microsoft. and others have placed ominous rules on the web traffic that only the rich can follow. The rule are strictly for their profit. And they wanted us to cover the cost. I get sick when I see all that these companies have done to our free internet. Security could have been implemented easily by these companies, but they started by forcing rules, 890 in Googles case. And since Google literally controlled the internet. You had to obey or get screwed.  I have heard google is throwing some of those rules out.

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On top of that, they are trying to control country election, political opinion, and everything we see on the internet. I was around as the internet was formed and I had more to do with the original engineering than Al Gore ever did. Working with companies in networking PC and server design and security since the late 1970s, I watch every evolution in hardware and software. That was real grow in technology. But what has happen to the internet has been highway robbery to every user and web designer. Anti -Trust laws have been broke so many times and totally ignored by our government. Security is and alway has been a government function, but America gave up that responsibility thru stupidity and congressional blindness. The complicity falls in all of our lapps. The also falls in all of our lapps. During the Obama Admin people who lost secrets, accounting, other valuable info were told to pay the ransom. I still think someone in government sacrificed american business to help others make money. Why else would government give up on defending America and then sell out an american asset so valuable.

So in ending about me. Most are not savvy enough to know that the liberals sold your internet to the highest bidder. Trying to usher in the new world order and as we have found, the internet is only one of American assets given away.

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