2021 Chevy 1T Van and Forest River Trailer

I have had many different types of Wheels.

Below is a slideshow of some of the many wheels I have owned. This includes a host of vehicles. My favorite was my 1939 Farmall Tractor. I had an old 1983 Bolen’s tractor that would not die. I also had Motorhomes. My 1989 Allegro took us many places. It is now a home to a man in the deserts of Nevada. My favorite car was my MR-2. It was the fastest car I owned. I had a TaoTao scooter that I ran all over the desert. I soup it up from 50 to 88cc and after that it was no problem climbing mountains. Sometimes it would climb without me.

To make the Trip here (Virginia) from Nevada, I bought an almost new Van and Trailer. When we settled in we sold them both for what paid for after a year of using them.

Ford F250 1983 Diesel
My Free Van
Ford Truck Fixed up and sold for twice what I paid for it.
Ford F250 1983 Diesel
My Free Van
Ford F350
Picture 640
1983 Bolens
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