Mrcool DIY System

Mr Cool is the best solution to a bad situation. We lost our 20-year-old AC unit. The cost for a central AC system was well over our budget. I have been telling my wife that when the AC fails, I wanted to go to  a zone system. The efficiency of these split systems far exceeded any Central AC. And on top of that, you can install as many units as you need and control them based on room usage.

Mrcool DIY Advantage 3 System
Mrcool DIY Advantage 3 System

We put this in then sold the House in Nevada. This one unit cooled our whole house and was a selling factor to the new owners. I installed this very quickly and was very thankful for the simple install. So, I have bought a second system for our home in Virginia. I am currently waiting for Power Cable prices to come down before finishing Install.

More to come;

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