Is this our new Mattress.

Have you ever bought a mattress from a chain store? I did. This was a local store and the saleman was OK except he didn’t inform of these new laws.

The mattress was deliveried and the old mattress was removed. After abit I noticed my side of my mattress was collapsing and and I literally was sliding out of bed. I thought well its just me getting out bed the wrong way. But it got worse.

So I said something to my wife. She called the company and that’s when the saga began. Below is my version of events, that has happened over the last 3-4 months.

So after a month or so an inspector came out. He did all sort of measurements and took many pictures. Very thorough! He said looks good to him. He could see the left side the mattress was a problem. He informed us he was a third party self employed doing mattress inspections.

So we found out this is another Buyer beware business here in Virginia. Just like Real Estate!

My wife made this purchase thinking that they must warrantee there products. One is laying several thousand dollars for an unseen product. No! No warrentee. Infact, they have their own set of laws you must follow.

My mistake there is a warrentee for 10 Year if follow there laws. To this day we are still trying to get thru this chain of laws.

These laws were not given to us at the time at payment or discussed at anytime during purchase. So the first thing we found out is our solid steel box spring was outlawed. There was an 1/8th of an dip in the middle.

Three Months later and still no resolution. It was moved up to corporate. We sent again all documents to main office of Mattress Maker.

More to Come.!!!

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